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What Is FB Lite APK-how to use

What Is FB Lite APK?

What is FB Lite? In short, It is a stripped-down version of Facebook for iOS and Android devices. Although this version of Facebook lacks some features, it is still a great alternative to the full Facebook.

However, as we know Facebook has a lot of information about you. And social mobile network apps are one of the ways companies collect your data. Is there a better FB Lite app?

We will explain in this article. What is FB Lite? It will help you decide whether to use the FB Lite app or the full version of Facebook depending on your device system.

What Is FB Lite APK?

Facebook unveiled FB Lite in 2015, designed to work smoothly with older Android devices and low Internet connections. This is an app that works for the entire world but is designed with developed countries in mind, where data connectivity is hard to come by. FB Lite uses very little space in mobile phones and still works on a 2G network.

Advantages of FB Lite

Advantages of FB Lite

The main difference between Full Facebook and FB Lite is the size. FB Lite’s download size is less than eight MB, taking up only 2.16MB of space on the device. It takes only 2.16 MB of space, compared with Facebook how much space Facebook takes, The size of the app is above 160 MB. This is the difference between them.

Additionally, FB Lite doesn’t load the image like Facebook does. This means the loading time is slightly longer when scrolling through your newsfeed, but you use much less data. You’ll also notice that videos won’t play the same way you see videos autoplay on standard Facebook, but videos will only autoplay on FB Lite when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. 

You can also save more data by going to your FB Lite settings and scrolling down to the Contacts and Media setting. Where you can choose the quality of the image that Facebook will display. Choosing a lower-resolution image can reduce data usage. Basic Facebook has data-saving features but it doesn’t save as much as FB Lite.

User Interface

The FB Lite website is not a wrapper for mobile, but rather an app redesigned by Facebook. In all honesty, the layout isn’t bad, It’s just different. You still have the same tabs for friend requests and messages and news feed notifications, videos options you can’t swipe over them you have to tap them to play.

FB Lite and Facebook Home Menu Screenshots

FB Lite and Facebook User Interface

As you can see the Facebook Lite menu button is at the top of the screen. Whereas the standard Facebook menu button is at the bottom. On Facebook Lite, you’ll usually see smaller text and smaller buttons, It is intended for devices with low-resolution screens.

As you can see below in the notification panel, the features of the Lite version are smaller and minimize profile images to indicate who commented or liked someone. The text is much smaller than in basic Facebook.

Scrolling the Lite app is a bit slower than normal apps, Note that low internet connection, low GPO, CPU power, RAM, and old devices have some cuts to allow Facebook to work properly. However, Facebook Lite is still usable.

Security and Privacy

Facebook certainly likes your information, and you want to make sure the company doesn’t share your information with everyone. Facebook has an online tool for you to adjust your privacy settings, After setting it up, it’s a good idea to check what permissions Facebook has for your device. 

You can browse through Facebook Tour for additional security features.

Some people consider Facebook’s permission to be worthless. You can see all of them below.

This may sound like a long list, but this FB Lite list is almost as long as:

FB Lite and Facebook Security and Privacy

The major differences?

To connect regular Facebook to Google Play Store service and Bluetooth device and use biometric hardware, change audio settings.

Mainly if Facebook’s permissions are too intrusive for you, FB Lite probably works the same way. The best bet to avoid permissions is to ensure access through the website in your favorite Android browser.


Messaging lite

The messaging system was built into Facebook Lite’s own app. However, it now forces you to download and use this separate messaging app, Instead of using Messenger like the regular standard Facebook app, Facebook Lite users are encouraged to use Messenger Lite for the Lite version.

If you are going to switch up, how does Messenger Lite compare to Messenger? See for yourself

Messenger Light is on the bottom right Messenger is on the bottom left

FB Lite Messenger looks exactly like In Messenger, If you find the messenger too bloated, the Lite version may be the app you’ve been looking for anyway.

And if you like Facebook stickers, you’ll be happy to know that FB Lite also likes stickers. Just keep in mind that the gift will not have access to the library, emojis, and text styles that come with standard Messenger, It’s not as active as standard Messenger, and it’s not nearly as good

How Do I Download FB Lite?

Facebook Lite is currently available in parts of Asia and North America, Europe, and Africa, App Store and Play Store listings are displayed.

Download: FB Lite for Android and iOS Free

Facebook vs. FB Lite, Which Should You Use?

While Facebook is not everyone’s cup of coffee, FB Lite can be more appealing, Especially if you want to save data or use Facebook with an older phone

However, if you don’t have an old phone and you don’t need to save data, You can get more out of standard Facebook. The only problem is the additional permissions to use it. Although Facebook provides an easy way to chat with friends over Messenger


What is FB Lite APK?

FB Lite allows you to save memory on your mobile phone and run on your 2G internet connection.

What is FB Lite app used for?

People who do not have a strong internet connection.

How to install FB Lite APK?

To download Facebook Lite APK visit the above website

What are the benefits of Lite apps?

Run with less data internet connection, less memory, and less load on your device’s battery

Does Facebook Lite use less RAM?

Yes, FB Lite APK uses less RAM

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